The main features of the simulator programs:


- realistic modelling of the machine tool elements and axis configuration

- the user interface of the simulator can be configured on the background photo of the CNC control panel

- definition of the raw parts solid model within the simulator

- importing the raw parts solid model in IGES format from other CAD systems

- setting zero offsets on the basis of the workpiece located in the working area of the machine tool

- syntactic and semantic check of the NC program

- simulation of cutting using different milling tools: cylindrical, conical, spherical, toroidal, slittingsaw and profile-milling cutter.

            the parts below were machined by spherical tools

- step-by-step subtraction of the movements of these tools from the workpiece solid

- tool correction handling just like on  CNC control

- rapid traverse checks if the tool collides with the workpiece

- checking if the machine tool elements collide with each other, with the tool or with the workpiece

- measurements on the solid model after or during machining

- feedback from the graphic screen to the NC program screen

- built-in online programming functions: pocket milling, contour milling, boring cycles, engraving etc.).


- calculation of the machining cycle time