- Customized softwares for translating between different NC languages

The users of  NC/CNC machine tools often face the problem that the major difficulty in modernizing the control is the existance of thousands and thousands of NC programs that need to be rewritten and tested, which is rather expensive. NOVUM has a number of references in solving this problem. Running in batch processing mode, these translator softwares perform this task as well as the syntactic and semantic check of the processed NC programs in a few minutes. 


- Software for generating NC programs for extra large gears to be produced on a milling machine or extra small gears to be produced on a wirecut machine


The software generates a machining program for evolvent gears of DIN867 or DIN58400 standards to be produced on an NC machine tool.

The settable input parameters are: profile type, profile displacement, pitch, number of teeth, outside diameter, machining tolerance, and contraction if plastic gears are to be produced