Welcome to NOVUM Informatikai Kft homepage


Our company was established in 1992 and is specialized in the software support of different tasks relating to the application of CNC machine tools. We have developed systems for high-level programming of millling machines, lathes, working centers, wire cutting machines and different sheet metal manufacturing machines. Our softwares are widely used in industry and education.


Let us introduce our newly developed softwares - simulators for CNC milling machines, lathes and working centers. Their use will highly improve the efficiency of program preparation for the expensive CNC machine tools, and help eliminate waste products due to programming errors.


If you are interested in these services, we shall be happy to be at your disposal to answer your questions.  We are ready to install simulators on your computer for the shown CNC controls or to develop simulators for other CNC controls, too.



Other services offered by NOVUM:


- we can develop translators for changing or modernizing the CNC control on a machine tool, translating thousands of existing NC programs by batch processing. A number of reference works are available.

- complete manufacturing programs for free form shapes or dies

- hardware and software solutions for replacing obsolete data communication techniques (paper tape, cassette) , installing workshop programming networks

- developing customized solutions for individual needs